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Driving New Standards in Innovation

Hybrid vehicles, electric vehicles, back-up cameras, self-driving vehicles, and advanced instrumentation panels are just a few of the advancements in the auto industry in the last few years. Meunier Carlin & Curfman is at the forefront of these, and other, automotive industry innovations having represented clients from auto manufacturers to suppliers and university researchers.

We combine years of automotive experience and backgrounds in electrical, mechanical and chemical engineering to represent the automotive industry in patent drafting and prosecution, trademarks, licensing and litigation. Our deep experience includes airbag and safety devices, engine systems, superchargers, turbo chargers, electric motors, air and fuel filters, fuel catalysts, lithium batteries, steering wheel user interfaces, automated driving warning systems, exhaust energy recovery systems, fuel cells, battery separators, hybrid vehicles, lubrication and cooling systems, braking systems, electronic repair information distribution systems and GPS systems.

Beyond our work experience, we just plain love cars. Some of us build and race cars. Others are avid car-buffs keeping abreast of new industry trends and always shopping for that next (preferably faster) car. Our experience and passion gives us valuable insight into our clients’ needs, and allows us to provide first-rate service for automotive industry clientele.

Our professionals are actively involved in the Southern Automotive Women’s Forum and the Automotive Women’s Alliance Forum. These organizations serve to promote educational and professional advancement opportunities to women in the automotive industry.

Representative Professionals

Bjorn Anderson
Greg Carlin
David Cornett
Jessica Keesee
Drew Meunier
Steve Schaetzel
Meredith Struby
Michael Tieff

"Value Without Compromise"

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